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"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies." ~Gene Hill

I pride myself on the fact that I have several familes that have more than one dog from me. If you think you might be interested in a Sarron Belgian Sheepdog, please review my standard pet contract and info sheet. If you are interested in a show puppy, please contact me directly for a copy of that contract. The first step to being considered as a possible puppy placement is to download a Prospective Buyer Survey, complete and email me at slswabb@gmail.com.

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Both breeding dogs and producing high quality puppies are taken very seriously at Sarron Belgians. My dogs are more than just a hobby to me, they are a passion.

For each breeding, I take into consideration the dogs' physical and mental characteristics and also the pedigree that will be created. I ask questions of other breeders and exhibitors and seek guidance from those with experience in the lines that I seek.

I feel a good breeder is one who will be honest about their lines, provide education and support throughout the life of the dog and be there to cry with the owner at the end. A good breeder always takes their dogs back - no questions asked.
A very wise dog breeder once said:
"Let's not measure a breeders success by the amount of winning their dogs do in the show ring, but by the number of dogs that stay with the family that purchased them as a pup and that die in the arms of that same family 14 years later. In that case, we have three winners, the breeder, the family and most importantly, the dog."

If you are interested in a Sarron Belgian Sheepdog puppy, please understand that we do place greater requirements on our puppy owners than many other breeders. We ask that ALL of our puppies have their Hip, Elbow and Eye certifications completed between 2-3 years of age. This will be an additional cost to the owner. We ask that ALL PUPPIES - COMPANION and SHOW - complete these health clearances because we all want healthier dogs! And, as a concerned breeder I need ALL of my puppy owners to help me learn from my breedings to improve future breedings. Please visit our Health Table page under the Previous Litters page to view health clearances and other health information from our past litters. We are very transparant about health concerns and issues - and if you have a SARRON BELGIAN that I do not have health information updated on - please email me and let me know.

No adults available or puppies planned at this time, check back in late 2024.