Sarron Simply Irresistable  

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Multi Group Placing, Ch. Sarron Simply Irresistable, CD, RN, HIC, HOF, ROM
DoB: 08/10/2001 - 03/11/2017
Sire: Multi Group Placing, AM/CAN Ch. Johnsondale's Jory V Torbrook, CD, ROM (Jory)
Dam: Best in Nat'l Sweeps, CH. SumerWynd Conversation Piece, HIC, CGC (Rumor)

OFA:Left: DJD Grade I; Right - Normal
CERF:BSD-1426 (03, 04, 05, 06, 07,08,10)
Epilepsy:Seizure Free
Three Litters at Sarron, DoD: 03/11/17
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Bacardi is the princess of the household. Bacardi was my pick puppy within hours of being born and she holds a very special place in my heart. Bacardi is a petite girl, standing only 22.5" at the wither, she possesses moderate bone, good angulation and ample coat. Bacardi has full dentition and a level bite and weighs 48 lbs.

Bacardi finished her championship easily at 10 monthes from the Bred By Exhibitor class under a breeder judge. Bacardi has done well in the conformation ring under breeder judges, as well as "all arounders" - as she has effortless side gait and exquisite breed type.

*****DJD I means that she has some minor osteophytes (like bone spurs) around her left elbow. It DOES NOT MEAN that she has any luxation at that joint. Click here to review OFA Rating information and to learn more about DJD. Bacardi suffered a trauma to the elbow at 4 months. She jumped off my back landing about 3.5 feet and landed sprawled out on concrete. That's when I figure the osteophytes must have developed. She was lame for about 2 months but appeared to be fine - nothing broken. At 2 years, when we (my vet and I) reviewed her x-rays we could not see the osteophytes that OFA found - we were both surpised at her rating. Bacardi moves well and has not had any issues. I feel strongly that her elbow issues was trauma related - so I have used her for breeding.

Bacardi has "dabbled" a bit in agility and enjoys the jumping parts the best. But, she prefers conformation - as "princesses don't like to sweat" ;). She likes to visit with friends (both two legged and four legged) regularly and she is quite persistant in regards to getting pets and hugs from all visitors. She completed her Herding Instinct Certification at the 2003 BSCA National Specialty and has been "asking for sheep" ever since. ;)

Bacardi earned a total of 6 group placements during the fall/winter of 2003 and finished out 2003 as the #5 Belgian in the country for Breed points. She took some time off to play "auntie" to Natalie's litter and then have her own litter of 6 in May of 2004!

Bacardi is the dam of the Sarron Jimmy Buffett litter at Sarron, sired by Mawrmyth Razen A Ruckus Celebre (Ryot). The Jimmy Buffet litter (her first litter) was born on May 24, 2004. The first litter has some very nice dogs! Sam is working in Rally and Agility (with a couple titles!). Spirit has a ton of agility and obedience apptitude and a couple points in conformation. Jade, Bomba, Cooper and Max keep their families entertained and LOVED!

Bacardi completed the requirements to become a BSCA Hall Of Fame inductee for conformation showing in Aug 2006. We'll submit her wins at the National 2007 - and then she'll be able to tack HOF on to the end of registered name! WOOHOO!!! Bacardi is my first dog to earn this award and has picked up 29 all-breed goup placements to do this! That's quite an accomplishment for any Belgian - especially a female!

Bacardis' second litter was born on March 5, 2007 and was sired by Ch. A-Te-Ell Monsieur Tissot (Tissot) and is the Las Vegas Casino litter. Her second litter is really taking off!!! These girls are just LOVELY!!! Pucci is working on conformation, schutzhound, agility and tracking. Luxor is working on agility, obedience and Freestyle. Izzie is working on obedience and conformation. Kaci is working in obedience and agility and Bell and Molly are the best companions that their familes could want. Then, there is my little Casi who is almost finished by 9 months old!

THANK YOU to ALL THE OWNERS of Bacardis' Puppies!!!!

Bacardi was recognized at the BSCA National Specialty in May 2007 for completing the requirements for the Hall of Fame - Conformation award! She is my first Hall of Fame dog! She is Ch. Sarron Simply Irresistable, HOF, HIC!!!

Bacardi had one final litter of puppies on March 25, 2008. She was bred to Chopper (Group Winning CH. Sarron American Chopper, RA,CD) and produced a great litter of pups! This was the Sarron Simply litter - named after their mother. :) That litter had 5 males and 2 females - VERY NICE LITTER!!! I kept Jackson (Ch. Sarron Simply Complicated) at Sarron from the litter and co-own Emmy (Sarron Simply Three Times a Lady) with Cathie Lang.

In 2009, Bacardi humored me by attaining her Companion Dog (CD) and Rally Novice (RN) titles. Bacardi is really NOT a performance dog - she's much more interested in socializing with other dogs, exhibitors and spectators around the ring. Conformation showing (trotting around the ring, hearing how lovely she is, eating liver!) is her "preference". But, she did manage to stay focused long enough to pick up a couple of performance titles - proving that even "beauty queens" can have brains too!

Bacardi is now spayed, retired from the breeding and show scene and is enjoying life as the Queen of the Household! It will be great fun to watch her help raise her "grand get" out of Casi and maybe even Em!

Bacardi is still doing well January as of 2012. She will be 11 years old this year and is a bit slower these days - but she is still the Queen of the household. I am looking forward to getting some photos of her and her grand-get soon as Casi will have her puppies in March 2012.

Bacardi celebrated her 13th birthday on Aug 10th, 2014. She has experienced a couple of Vestibular attacks this summer, but she's doing ok. We cherish every day that we have with her at this time.

Bacardi celebrated her 14th birthday on Aug 10th, 2015. We had her shaved the beginnig of the summer and that really has seemed to help her get through the hot weather better. She is doing well - she has been helping to raise the new Irish Wolfhound puppy and keeps the other dogs inline. She has arthiritis and can be slow to wake up and get up, but she eats well, goes outside and is in good spirits.

Bacardi celebrated her 15th birthday on Aug 10th, 2016!! She is still hanging in there... she eats well, sleeps, gotes outside to potty and enjoys lying under the shade trees in the summer breeze. We cherish every day with her.. She is a good girl. :)

March 11, 2017 was a sad day at Sarron as we said good-bye to Bacardi. Her good days were becoming fewer and she was tired. It was tougher and tougher for her to get up, even on her meds for arthritis and some days she would eat... other not so much. She was the last of her litter an exceptional dog is every way and I was very fortunate to have her in my life. I will always treasure my time with her and the light in my life that she was.... Until I see you again my sweet girl... run free with your mother and brothers and sisters... tell them all that i miss them...

Bacardi was recognized in April 2017 for earning her Registry of Merit from the Belgian Sheepdog Club of America in 2016. Bacardi is our first ROM... we are very proud of all she accomplished in her life. She was a treasure.