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Litter: Fleetwood Mac Litter
Dam: Sarron Pulp Fiction (Jules)
Sire: GCh. Ch. Reverie's Limited Edition, RN, PT, OAP, AJP, OFP, CGC (Bluie)

Jules has been bred to the handsome Bluie, GCh. Reverie's Limited Edition, RN, PT, OAP, OFP, CGC. Bluie is a good sized boy with good substance. Bluie has excellent hips and normal elbows and eyes. The puppies will have registered names that are Fleetwood Mac song titles. We are expecting OUTSTANDING structure and temperment from this combination. These puppies will be ideal for all dog sport venues as well as family companions. Please follow the links to read more about the sire and dam of this litter.

Puppies were born Sept 29, 2019. We have 4 females and 2 males. All puppies from this litter are spoken for at this time.

Week 1 - Oct 6, 2019

Sept 29 – This was the big day!!! Jules had a temp drop on Saturday Sept 28th and then slept a bit restlessly Saturday night. We woke up early on Sunday, everyone had breakfast and then puppies began arriving around 9:20 am on Sunday morning. Puppies arrived as follows:

  • 9: 20 am 9/29/2019 – Female, Purple, 14.0 oz
  • 10:20 am 9/29/2019 – Male, Orange, 12.4 oz
  • 11:13 am 9/29/2019 –Male, Blue, 14.4 oz
  • 12:09 pm 9/29/2019 – Female, Green, 15.0 oz
  • 2:31 pm 9/29/2019 – Female, Pink, 9.2 oz
  • 3:49 pm 9/29/2019 – Female, Sage, 12.5 oz

The first two puppies were a bit stressful as Jules was not really sure what was going on as the babies were coming out. This is her first litter. The first puppy was pushed out but the placenta did not make it all the way out with the puppy. So, we got the puppy out, got it breathing well and it latched onto a teat – all while still having its’ umbilical cord attached to the placenta, which was still inside of Jules. Uggggg… This hasn’t happened to me a while – so thank goodness my vet answers her phone when I call her on the weekends… her council was “get some scissors and cut it as close to Jules as you can”.. so that’s what I did. Thank goodness purple was vigorous and ready to eat! About an hour later, Jules was ready to “half heartedly” have the second puppy – so we did the same thing all again… she didn’t really push hard enough to get placenta and all out so I had to detach Orange boy from the placenta too.

After the first two babies were born and nursing, the hormones finally kicked in and Jules delivered the next 4 without my help/intervention. YEAH!!!! After the first 4 puppies, Jules had them all nursing and doing well. She was cleaning them and starting to settle down. After Green girl was born, we all took a little rest. At 2 pm, I made her leave the puppies and we went out into the back yard for a walk. She was concerned about leaving them, but was happy to get out and stretch her legs. I also gave her an injection of oxytocin to help her uterus contract down to push out any remaining babies and the two placentas that I knew she had retained from the first two puppies.

At 2:31 pm, Pink girl arrived! She is the smallest and had gotten stuff over in a corner of a uterine horn I think! She was little but vigorous too, and it didn’t take long for her to start to nurse once she was out and had some room to stretch out! The final baby was Sage Girl. She was the bonus baby! From the xray, I thought 5 for sure, and hoped for 6 and that is what we got. All the babies were out and accounted for. Jules was a bit awestruck with all these littles to care for but, she has been a GREAT mom from the beginning. The babies and Jules went to the vet for a quick check on Monday, and they took two rear dewclaws off Blue boy and one, barley hanging on, rear dewclaw off Pink. No other rear dewclaws. Everyone has both front dewclaws. Hardly any white on these puppies and I think that black will cover all by the time they are grown.

We started Early Neurological Stimulation and the Early Scent Introduction on Day 3 with everyone. My notes on those are included in the litter Activity Tracker spreadsheet. That is going as expected. The two boys are more compliant with ENS than the girls. The girls have much more to say about those exercises. LOL. We have done this with our litters for the past years and feel it is valuable. This year we have added odor introduction to help build their brains and use their nose even more as they mature. I hope that some of you will pursue some form of scent or nose work and can provide feedback as to whether these babies seem to be more ‘naturals” at it than others. This first week, we have gone through Wool, Anise, Tree Leaves, Clove so far. I am alternating a “fresh” scent vs a cotton ball with an oil scent on it each day. At the end of week 1, Oct 6, the babies are weighing in at:

  • Orange Boy – 1# 9 oz
  • Blue Boy – 1# 14 oz
  • Pink Girl – 1# 3 oz
  • Purple Girl – 1# 13 oz
  • Sage Girl – 1# 9 oz
  • Green Girl 1# 13 oz

They are all growing and gaining. Jules keeps them spotless and content all day and night. I have slept on the puppy porch with them this week to make sure that she tends to them well and I have a camera that is set up during the day so that I can monitor them too. I am gone for about 4 hours at a time, and then I am home to let her out, feed her something special and cuddle the babies many times each day. Mike works from home, so there is someone with the dogs at all times.

Week 2 Update - October 13, 2019

These babies are really big!!! Cathy Lang said it best – Jules milk must be buttercream! These babies have all had a really good week of growth over the past 7 days. They are all doing well. Eating, sleeping and the other things growing babies do! This week they weighed in:

  • Orange – 3#
  • Blue – 3# 7 oz
  • Pink – 2# (she’s the smallest – but growing like a weed too!)
  • Purple – 3# 3 oz
  • Green – 3# 6 oz
  • Sage – 3# 1 oz

This week focused on ENS and odor introduction. I don’t do scentwork, so you will have to excuse my observation and comments. They may not be in line with how I should describe the pups reactions - but it’s what I see. I have made comments about each pup in the Activity Tracker. It’s interesting as sometimes they pups that I think will be interested in a scent don’t seem to be…. So, it will be interesting to watch these pups grow and see what activities they excel in.

The beginning of week started out with pups that were still just scooting around a little, without much purpose and ended with babies with their eyes open that are beginning to move with purpose. This next week, their ears will open up and then they’ll have all their senses beginning to kick in. Today, they all received their first wormer. I use Strongid at 2, 4, 6, 8 weeks and Baycox at 3, 5, 7, 9 weeks.

The group started opening their eyes on day 11 and by day 14 – all have their eyes open. Now, I certainly won’t say that I think they are seeing well yet, but they have a lot more going on in their little brains now than they did 4 days ago. Jules is still being an EXCEPTIONAL mother and keeps the box pristine. I would guess that will only last for another 2 weeks or so. They are still very content and aside from a few little squeaks and beginning puppy barks, they are very quiet. Jules is spending more time out of the box this week, but that is not bothering them. They are very content. Nice, easy litter.

Next week, I’ll add in their whelping box porch area. That will double their space and will also begin to give them more to look at as the porch is not solid walls. They will be in box/porch area until week 4-5 and then they will move to an ex-pen for more space. I plan to start supplementing their feeding next week too. I start at week 3 and just add in 1 or 2 meals a day – that consist of Gerber Baby Rice cereal and dried goats milk, mixed up with hot water. Starting in week 5- I add pulverized kibble to mix and slowly take away the baby rice cereal – but still use the dried goats milk during weaning.

Week 3 Update - October 20, 2019

This has been a big week. The babies opened their eyes and started to really track objects – mainly their siblings, their momma and me. The babies are all eating well and growing fast. In addition, this week, we finished the Early Neurological Stimulation and Oder introduction work. Therefore, lots of opportunity for developing occurred during this week. Everyone has gained at least a pound this week and they are all up on their feet moving around the box. I observed Sage girl one-night take 2 laps around the box, just because she could. Their weights today were:

  • Orange – 4# 3oz
  • Blue – 4# 10 oz
  • Pink – 3# 2oz
  • Purple – 4# 6oz
  • Green – 4# 8 oz
  • Sage – 4# 1oz

We finished the Early Neurological stimulation and odor program this week. They were not very happy about those exercises to start with.. most of them did not like the restraint on their back stimulation. However, they all got through it and will be better puppies for it. Five benefits have been observed in canines that were exposed to the Bio Sensor stimulation exercises. The benefits noted are: improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate), stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress and greater resistance to disease. I also added in the odor introduction to see if that helps to stimulate their interest in using their noses.

This litter has been much more interested in eye contact since their eyes opened then any litter I can remember. It started with the ENS, but has continued well after those exercises. They really like to make eye contact and just stare at me. I love it! They are very engaging puppies now that they are up and moving. Yesterday, I expanded their living quarters by adding on their puppy porch. That gives them twice as much space to move around in and lets them start to see the room more as well as have some new surfaces to get used to in their box. I added a fit paws nubby disc to their box as well as a potty turf square. They have a couple more toys too. It is very cute to see them interact with their toys.

Finally, today we had a great Indian Summer day with 73 degrees, so I took them out into the puppy pen with momma Jules, of course. The pen is concrete and block, so I took out a sheepskin and sat them on that to start. They were stressed at first, but then Jules laid down on the sheepskin and let them nurse. After that, they all calmed down, had a snack and took naps and cuddled up to each other and mom. The air conditioner compressor is right next to that pen, so they heard that compressor as well as some lawnmowers off in the distance. The outside noises didn’t phase them at all. Orange boy fell fast asleep as soon as he ate and didn’t wake up until I took them inside. That’s why he doesn’t have a good head shot with outside light today.

Week 4 Update - October 27, 2019

This has been a transformative week with the babies. Their eyes and ears are open and they are up on their legs much better. They continue to grow like little weeds:

  • Orange – 5# 7oz
  • Blue – 6# 3 oz
  • Pink – 4# 7oz
  • Purple – 6#
  • Green – 6#
  • Sage – 5# 10oz

This week I started offering the pups gruel a couple times a day. They have been ‘lukewarm” about the gruel all week… seeming to say, “Forget it, that’s NOT mom!!!” and since Jules is still with them 100% of the time, it’s not really an issue. They have walked in their gruel and smeared it on the floor more than they have eaten. However, they are growing and developing well – so not a big deal. They have this next week with momma Jules at 100% , but after that, I start to wean them from her milk so I’m anticipating they will start being more interested in what I have to offer.

While it is still pretty early to tell a lot about structure, this week, I have been watching them move around a lot. I am pleased with the rears I see so far. Good solid angles under each puppy, using them well as they become more confident on their feet. I see good, wide well placed hocks, nothing close or narrow. I see good fronts, no one is elbowing in, or out.

I see two different head styles. I have longer, rectangular heads on Orange, Blue and Green. On Pink, Purple and Sage, I have more of a wedge shaped head. I interpret this as longer muzzles on the rectangular muzzles and the wedge heads will have shorter muzzles. Blue has a tighter coat than the others do. Everyone else is more fluffy and long. All of the puppies are very engaged with me – they all come over to the box when I talk to them or want to be petted when I am on the floor with them. When they are tired, Green has the tendency to move off by herself to sleep. Purple and Pink usually pair up as well, which means that Sage, Blue and Orange are typically near each other.

This week, we have added a ton of new things! They have their first tunnel now. It is a cute cat toy tunnel. Blue boy went over and kind of jumped on it with his body and hung over it first, while Pink girl knew just what to do and went straight through the tunnel and out the other end. I was sitting with them the other night and one of the puppies went through the tunnel, got to the other end and grabbed the cat toy hanging at the opening and proceeded to pull it backwards into the tunnel. The puppy got it about half way back before letting go and had the elastic rebound the cat toy back the other way.  I gave them a card board box this weekend too and they have had fun chewing on that toy, jumping in it, etc..

We also went back outside today for a while. We had a LOVELY day here today - high around 65, and sunny so the babies went outside for about 40 minutes with Jules. They did great outside on the pen patio today. They were not afraid, no whining. They explored the area, and chased some leaves. They all had some lunch and then played for a bit. They were very cute outside today. As long as the weather cooperates, we will have outside time every day going forward. Another interesting thing today that I noticed is that I saw two different puppies come off the sheepskin and make their way down to the turf to pee. I praised them and told them how smart they were! Good babies.!! And, then there were the two puppies that were lying on the turf later, that smelled a lot like puppy urine. Oh well… This week will be another big week as they will move to an ex-pen next weekend to get ready for weaning time. Once they are in the ex-pen, momma Jules will not have the option of being with them 100%. New toys to come too.

CERF:BSD-EYE479/20F(18, 19)
Epilepsy:Seizure Free
OFA link
Epilepsy:Seizure Free
OFA link
Puppies Health Table
Fleetwood Mac Litter litter - Born: -
Sarron Pulp Fiction x GCh. Ch. Reverie's Limited Edition RN, PT, OAP, AJP, OFP, CGC
NameSexHipsElbowsEyesThyroidCHICDentition / BiteOther Information
Blue BoyM
Orange BoyM
Purple GirlF
Pink GirlF
Sage GirlF