Puppy Info Sheet  

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Sarron Belgian Sheepdog - First Days Home
  • The puppy goes out promptly at 6:00 am every morning (Saturday and Sunday included).
  • The puppy is currently eating twice a day, at 6:00 am and 6:00 pm. They usually eat 1 cup of food at each feeding. Place the food bowl down for about 20 minutes and let the puppy eat without distraction. If the puppy cleans it's bowl quickly, OK to offer more food. If the puppy doesn't finish all the food after 20 minutes, take the food bowl up.
  • The puppy is used to getting biscuits in the pen when I leave. I do this to distract the puppy and keep its mind busy while I go out the door. This tends to promote less separation anxiety (crying!!).
  • The puppy is put in the pen for the night between 9:30 - 10:00 pm. I try to wear them out and they usually go on their own to their pen to sleep.
  • Give puppy toys to play with in their crate. Squeak toys, cloth toys, tennis balls, all make good toys.
  • If you are home, leave the crate door open so that the puppy can go in and out when ever he would like. For the first few days, the puppy may elect to spend some time in the crate for security purposes.
  • The puppy is currently on Pet-Cal Supplement. This can be purchased at any pet food store. It assists in bringing up the ears and is a very good idea until the puppies have gotten their adult teeth in (around 5-6 months). Puppies ears may go "soft" during teething. Don't worry, they will come back up.
  • The puppy should be watched whenever it is loose in the house. The puppy IS NOT housebroken! And will probably not be 100% reliable for housetraining until 4-6 months old.
  • Be cautious of the puppy around unfamiliar animals. These puppies have not developed complete immune systems yet. Prevent them from being around other animals that may transmit diseases or infections until they have completed their full series of puppy vaccinations.
  • DO NOT take the puppy out to common/public areas until after it has completed its’ vaccinations. This includes, but is not limited to: Pet food stores, soccer fields, parks, puppy socialization classes, etc.
  • Please visit the following websites as they have many pictures of "relatives" referenced in the puppy's pedigree.