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Litter: Sarron G
Dam: Best in Nat'l Sweeps, CH. SumerWynd Conversation Piece, HIC, CGC (Rumor)
Sire: Ch. Mawrmyth Iron Ikon (Ikon)
DoB: May 5, 1997

Rumor's first litter was sired by Ch. Mawrmyth Iron Ikon. This litter was born May 5, 1997 and produced 2 females and 5 males.

CERF:BSD-628 (96, 98, 99, 00,02)
Epilepsy:Seizure Free
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Epilepsy:Seizure Free
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Puppies Health Table
Sarron G litter - Born: May 5, 1997 -
Best in Nat'l Sweeps, CH. SumerWynd Conversation Piece HIC, CGC x Ch. Mawrmyth Iron Ikon
NameSexHipsElbowsEyesCHICLinksDentition / BiteThyroidOther Information
Sarron Great ExpectationsM/2BSD-2459E24M-TBSD-EL370M24-TBSD-891 (98, 99, 00)12723OFAComp / LevelBSD-TH120/100M-PICh. CD Neutered
Sarron SumerWynd GiovanniM/2BSD-2604G38MLeft - DJDI – Right - NormalBSD-1056 (00)OFAComp / ScissorMulti-Group Placing AKC & UKC Ch. CDX, NA, NAJ, RN, HIC, TT, TDI, SCT Neutered Euth: 9/1/06 – prostate cancer
Sarron SumerWynd GalileoM/2BSD-2458E24M-TBSD-EL369M24-TAVCO: NormalOFAComp / Level OpenAKC Pointed Bred Twice at Basquelaine.
SumerWynd Goodie Two ShoesFBSD-2448G24FBSD-EL364F24BSD-1000 (99)OFAComp / ScissorCh. Bred Twice at SumerWynd Spayed
Sarron GretaFComp Lost touch with owner
Sarron Grendel of SumerWyndM/2CompAKC Major Pointed
Sarron SumerWynd GriffonM/2BSD-2457E24M-TBSD-EL368M24-TOFAComp / Scissor Neutered Euth: April 12' Nasal Tumor