Sarron Black Ice  

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DoB: January 19, 2018
Sire: Ch. Dojo's Eastwoods Dusty Trail (Rowdy)
Dam: GCHB.Sarron Dancin'All Night Long (Dani)

CERF:BSD-EYE565/15F-VPI(19, 20, 21, 23)
Epilepsy:Seizure Free
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Icey was bred by Donna Hayes at Dojo and me. She is out of Dani (Cara x Marcus) and Rowdy. Icey came to live at Sarron in April 2018 and we were happy to welcome her. Icey has great structure, thick black straigh coat and an outgoing temperment - she's never met a stranger. Icey played a big part is helping to socialize her little cousins from the Duran Duran litter and fits in GREAT at Sarron.

Icey took a visit to Troy Ohio to show in the Echo Hills KC Puppy Match on June 15th. She was shown by our good friend, Meagan Ference, and we are happy to report that Icey and Meagan took Best of Breed and then went on to take Puppy Herding Group 1!!!!! Icey and Meagan were a GREAT Team!!! Icey stood confidently, showed like a pro and came home with a nice ribbon. Many thanks to Meagan for piloting Icey to her first ribbon!!

Icey was entered in her first dog show weekend in Columbus Ohio in November 2018. The first day, I was shuffling dogs around and didn't really do her justice. The second day, she really shined and took a 3 point major from the Bred By class at 10 months old!!! Good Girl ICEY!!!

Icey went to the UKC Kennel of the BlueGrass shows with good friend Meagan in February 2019. Icey was entered in 3 shows and picked up 3 competition wins as well as a Herding Group 4. Icey is a little over half way to her UKC Ch. WOO HOO!!! Big Thanks to Meagan for taking Icey to the shows! Then, Icey and Meagan went to another set of UKC shows in KY and earned a couple of UKC Herding Group 1's!!! AND A UKC BIS!!! WOOOHOOOOO

Icey was entered in the BSCA National in 2019 and did GREAT!!! She took 1st place in her sweeps and regular class. She also passed her first eye and heart exams. Icey has 80 of the 100 points she needs to get her UKC championship which we will finish up this year as well as continue on toward her AKC Championship.

Icey competed at the Supported Entries in Canfield in August 2019. She showed Friday, Saturday and Sunday. She took Winners Bitch for a 3 pt major on Friday, Reserve Winners Bitch on Saturday and was a good girl on Sunday. She now has both her AKC Majors toward her championship. We will continue to work on her AKC Championship this fall.

Icey and I also competed in two UKC shows in August 2019 - and Icey took her class, and was Best in Variety in both shows. She also took Reseve Best Female at one of the shows. These wins completed the points needed for Icey to become a UKC champion - she is my FIRST UKC Champion! She is a very good girl eventhough she was not happy that none of her other housemate went to the UKC show to cheer her on.

Icey turned 2 years old in January 2020 and is doing great!!! Icey had her hips, elbows and thyroid checked in Feb 2020 and has EXCELLENT hips, NORMAL elbows and is Thyroid NORMAL as well. She has full dentition with a scissor bite too. Icey is also participating in teh Embark DNA research project sponsored by the BSCA. You can visit her public DNA profile via the link in her health table. Icey also picked up another point toward her AKC championship in Feb 2020 and now has 9 of the 15 points she needs for her AKC championship. She and I will be working on completing her AKC championship this year

Icey went out in October 2020 and had a great time at FASTCAT!!! She did a great job and in 8 runs finished her BCAT title!!! WOO HOO ICEY!!!!

Icey tested for and passed her Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Canine Good Citizen Advanced (CGCA) and Canine Good Citizane Urban (CGCU) on November 7, 2020. Icey is a sweet girl, easy to live with and is ready to do anything that I ask of her. Conformation dog shows have been few and far between in 2020 -so we are hoping to finish Iceys' AKC Championship in 2021.

Icey had her first litter in 2021. The Garth Brooks Litter is exceptional and she was a WONDERFUL mother. Once she gets her figure back from the babies, Icey will be out to finish up her Championship!

Icey has shown in conformation a few times in 2022 and picked up a couple more points toward her championship in May 22. She now has 11 points of the 15 she needs to complete her AKC Championship.

Icey finished her AKC Championship on July 2, 22 by taking a 4 pt major at the Lima Kennel Club dog show under Dr. Eric Liebes. Icey is a lovely girl and such a sound mover. Good Girl Icey!!!

Icey passed her yearly eye exams on May 6, 23. We are very pleased as we do plan to breed Icey one more time - her first babies are just turned two - so time for health clearances. As long as those turn out well - we'll plan to breed Icey a final time in 2024.