Sarron The Thunder Rolls  

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OHBIS, UKC/Nat/Intl/Hon SR Puppy CH, AKC GCH. Herding Group Winner Sarron The Thunder Rolls, BN, CD, RI, CGC, TKN, BCAT, SWN, FDC
DoB: April 27, 2021
Sire: RBIS, Multi-OH BIS, Multi-Group Winning and Placing, Int. CH, Owner Handled Grand Champion Platnum, Grand Champion Bronze Sarron International Success, BN, CD, RA, BCAT, CGC, FDC, HOF (Thunder)
Dam: UKC BIS, AKC/UKC CH, Sarron Black Ice, BCAT,CGC,CGCA,CGCU (Icey)

CERF:BSD-EYE755/7M-VPI (21, 23)
Epilepsy:Seizure Free
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TR is red boy from the Garth Brooks Litter. He is our keeper as he reminds me SO MUCH of his sire, Thunder. This puppy had my heart from about 4 weeks on... and by the time they were 7 weeks old, it was obvious to me that he would be staying with us at Sarron. He is a good sized puppy with exceptional bone, a wonderful front and rear, lovely, wedge shaped head and nice dark eye. TR has plenty of drive for us and I look forward to him following in his sire and dams' paw prints in the ring. Check in from time to time and see what he is up to.

TR started his AKC show career in late October 2021 - he was entered in 4-6 month puppy at the Clermont County Shows and too BB/PG1 and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW at his first outing! The next day, he took BB/PG2. He took everything in stride at those first shows and really had a great time! His next shows were Delaware Ohio KC shows the end of October where he took a 4 pts major at his very first REAL Showing! He took RWD the next day to his litter brother, Rio - so it was all good.

The next time he showed was in UKC ton November 13-14 - he was the only class animal entered, so he picked up 4 Best Males, but he also got to show in Group for the 2 shows on Sunday. He earned a competition win on Sunday by taking Herding Group 3 at the tender age of 6 months! So, that weekend, he earned 60 points and one competition win toward his UKC Championship.

TR went out the weekend of Nov 19-21 to the Central Ohio Cluster in AKC and won Winners Dog/Best of Winners each day for 6 more AKC points - including his second MAJOR at almost 7 months! He then went to another set of UKC shows over the Thanksgiving weekend, and took Best Male/Best of Breed - and got to show in the Herding Group 6 times. During that weekend he earned 3 more Competition wins by taking 3 more Herding Group 3s! All as a baby dog! He finished his UKC Championship on November 28, 21!

Our last shows for 2021 were in Florida at the National Championship shows in Decemeber 14-17, 21. TR showed Tues - Friday and took Winners Dog/Best of Winners on Tues, Thursday and Friday and Winners Dog on Wednesday. These wins earned his last 5 points that he needed to finish his AKC CHAMPIONSHIP on Friday Dec 17, 21 - just 10 days shy of his 8 month old birthday!!! TR is a GREAT puppy and he handled the hustle and bustle of driving 14.5 hours to/from Florida, staying at a condo, walking on lead, seeing HUNDREDS of different people and dogs for 10 days. Our judge on Friday at the Sunshine State Herding Group Assoc show said to me as he handed me the Winners Dog Ribbon "Your heart must just sing everytime you look at this puppy!" and, he is absolutely correct. TR is my gift from Thunder... and I hope to have many years with this puppy.

TR has participated in puppy class and intermediate obedience during the fall of 2021 and he'll start Scentwork and Rally in January 2022 as we give him some time off from conformation so that he can enjoy being a puppy and grow up.

TR was entered in his first Rally Trial the beginning of January 2022 - and did GREAT! He picked up two legs toward his Rally Novice title with a 95 and97! Good Boy TR!!! He is entered in February to try and pick up his title. He is also working in Nosework and loves learning a new game.

TR and I went to the IABCA Shows in Xenia on Feb 26-27, 2022 where he showed in the Sr Puppy Breeders class. TR earned 5 SG-1 ratings over the weekend, and walked away with his National, International and Honors Senior Puppy Championships. He also won the Bred By Sr Herding Puppy Group 2 times and won a Reserve Best in Show Bred By Puppy and a BEST IN SHOW PUPPY BRED BY award. He won the Herding Puppy Group twice that weekend and took a Reserve Best in SHOW PUPPY Award too! It was a great weekend for TR as he got lots of practice in the group rings.

TR finished his Rally Novice title in March and added one qualifying leg in Rally Intermediate that same weekend. He earned his Canine Good Citizen title, his Trick Dog Novice and his BCAT in May of 2022. We are working in Nosework, obedience and rally this summer. As well as thinking about some herding and heading back into conformation soon! He is a good boy - ready to do anything I ask!

TR hit the Rally ring again in July and finished up his Rally Intermediate title with a second leg score of 90/100 - too bad I didn't ask him to the sign correctly... his point loss was ALL my fault. His third leg was a very respectable 98/100 for a 3rd place in the class. He was also enteredin Beginners Novice - eventhough he really has done no formal training for this clas.... The first day - he blew the long sit and anticipated his recall. Oh well - he tried. The second day, he completed both of those exercises and scored at 190 1/2 /200 for third place GOOD BOY TR!!! We'll try to finish up his BN in Oct. He is entered in his first scentwork trial in August!

TR and I headed to our first AKC Scentwork trial on Aug 20-21, 22. He was entered in Nov A Container and Nov A Interiors - and he qualified in all 8 of the classes that he participated in!!! WOOO HOOO TR picked up 4 Nov A Container legs - and earned his SCN (scentwork container novice) and 4 Nov A Interior legs - and earned his SIN (Scentwork Interior Novice) title!11 GREAT BOY!!!! He was "in the ribbons" in every class and won 3-1st place, 1-2nd place, 2 - 3rd place and 2-4th places.

TR and I went to the Indy Show in Feb 2023 - and TR had a GREAT Weekend! There were lots of Breed and GCH Points available as TR took Best of Breed 3 of the 4 days he was entered that weekend! He picked up 15 GCH Points and also took 2 - Owner Handler Group Placements that weekend too! TR also Took Select Dog for another 5 pt GCH major at the Louisville shows in KY in March 2023.

TR continued his winning ways at the Warren County Shows on April 1-2, 2023 - he took Best of Breed both days for some more GCH points and also took Oh Group 1 on Saturday!! WOO HOO!! But that wasn't all for Saturday as TR then took his very first OWNER HANDLER BEST IN SHOW on Saturday April 1, 2023!!! HE WAS JUST AWESOME - and he just stared at the judge like "You see no other dogs besides me.... I am the BEST BOY!" It was great!! He took an Owner Handler Group 4 on Sunday and also made the cut in the Regular Herding Group that day under breed Specialist Linda Robey! GOOD WEEKEND OVER ALL!!

TR went to the BSCA Regional and National in Asheville, NC and picked up a SEN leg, SCN leg and 2 SIN legs! They then showed in Beg Nov B and earned his 2nd leg with at 194.5/200 and showed in Rally Nov B and earned another leg with a 96. He also showed in breed both days and made it through 2 cuts of males specials in the National! TR JUST TURNED 2 on April 27, 23! He has accomplished SO MUCH in such a short period of time!!! He is working on growing back his coat for summer shows while we focus on getting his BN, CD and his RA titles this summer!

TR headed out to some local shows over Memorial Day 2023 and he did not disappoint! TR earned two OH Grp 1s that weekend and also earned a regular HERDING GROUP 1!!! WOOO HOOO he finished up the weekend with a Herding Group 3! Certainly VERY NICE to be in the group ribbons both days!!!

TR competed in the 2023 Rally National Championship on June 16-17, 23 and in three runs he earned 99, 100, 100 scores!! A total of 299/300 for the competition and he came in 15 overall out of 91 teams from around the country in Rally Novice! We had a great time and he handled the stress well. We have plans to continue our rally adventures this year!

TR headed to Canfield shows in August 2023 and picked up 2 Select Dog wins, 1 Award of Merit at a Regional Specialty and a Best of Opp/Best Owner Handled that weekend! Great showing for the boy! He also completed his health clearances -with Excellent Hips and Normal Elbows. TR and I showed in Scentwork on Aug 19-20, 23 - and he earned his Scentwork Buried Novice (SBN) title and picked up 3 more legs toward his Scentwork Interior Novice Elite (SINE) title! one more Interior leg to go! and Two more exterior novice legs until his SWN (Scentwork Novice) title is complete!

TR finished his Scentwork Exterior Novice (SEN) title the first weekend in September 2023 at the Columbus All Breed Training Trial. Titling in this final element means that TR completed his Scentwork Novice (SWN) title!!! WOO HOO!! TR is the first dog that I've trained and trialed in Scentwork and he is such a good, willing partner. TR is training for Novice Obedience at this time and will hopefully finish his Companion Dog (CD) title this fall.

TR went to the Gem City Obedience club on Sept 23-24, 23 and picked up two legs toward his Companion Dog(CD) title! We hope to finish that up in Mid October at the Dayton Dog Training trial. TR didn't disappoint and completed his Companion Dog (CD) title on Oct 20, 23 with a 195.5 and first place! Good Boy TR!!!

TR and I went out to Louisville in March 2024 - we hadn't shown in Conformation for quite a while since I don't go to Dog Shows when I have puppies here - so at Louisville - TR showed 3 of the 4 days and was able to take Select Dog (SD) two of the 3 days for 10 more points toward his GCHB title! He showed well and is ready to get back out to the show ring now!