Sarron Casino Royale  

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Champion Sarron Casino Royale, CGC, CD, BN, RAE, RAT-O, CA
DoB: March 5 2007 - July 12, 2022
Sire: Ch. A-Te-Ell Monsieur Tissot, CD (Tissot)
Dam: Multi Group Placing, Ch. Sarron Simply Irresistable, CD, RN, HIC, HOF, ROM (Bacardi)

CERF:BSD-1869 (08, 10, 11, 14)
Epilepsy:Seizure Free
Dentition:Comp / Level
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Casi is my Red Girl from the Bacardi * Tissot litter. Casi chose me at about 2 weeks of age. It's funny - but Bacardi was my Red Girl from the Rumor*Jory litter - and Josie was my red girl from the Jayne*Sunny litter and now there is Casi! Casi is EXACTLY the blend that I was looking for from the Bacardi*Tissot pedigree. She’s a true delight!

Casi is a very square girl, clean moving in the front and rear. She has a lovely outline, a gorgeous headpiece and good coat. She has lovely length of neck and she has the increased length of muzzle that I hoped to gain. She has a lovely dark, small almond eye. Another attribute that I was able to get in this entire litter is sweet, outgoing temperaments. Both Bacardi and Tissot are VERY confident, outgoing dogs. I look forward to showing Casi and hope that she follows in her mothers “paw prints” and loves to show! I have very high hopes for this young lady!

Casi has had a very good start to her show career in 2007. As of the end of November 2007, she has been entered in 8 shows and has taken Winners Bitch at 7 of those shows. She has group placements in the Herding Puppy and Bred By Exhibitor groups and has 14 of the 15 points needed to become an AKC Champion by 8.5 months! She's a LOVELY girl with effortless movement!

I was finally able to get Casi out to another weekend of shows, just as she turned 10 months old and she finished her championship in style by taking her third major from the Bred-By class. She is now Ch. Sarron Casino Royale. Casi was shown in the classes a total of 10 times, and she took WB 8 of those 10 times. :)

I ADORE THIS PUPPY! She is absolutely fabulous and is following in her mothers' paw prints... :)

Casi is taking some time to mature during 08! She's just a baby - but she is still holding together very nicely. She started some basic obedience classes in Sept 08 and I think that she and her mother may do Rally with me this winter! Once Casi matures - she'll be out as a special - to follow in her mothers' pawprints.

Casi and I started working on some basic obedience this year as we wait for her adult coat to come in for conformation! Casi will most likely work on her Rally and Novice obedience titles the beginning of 09 before really beginning her Specials career! Casi earns her Canine Good Citizen award through classes/evaluation at Dayton Dog Training club!! She easily passes all 10 tests and gives out kisses to the evaluators upon completion!! Now, we'll start in Rally!! YEAH CASI!!!

Casi is getting ready to go out as a special in 2010! She made entries at the Westminster Kennel Club show in Feb 2010 - but it ended up being too cold to fly her out the day we were scheduled to leave!! :( She looks good and has matured quite a bit - I look forward to showing her this year! Casi did a littel showing in 2010 - went out for a couple of weekends and took Best of Breed - all 4 shows! Then, she blew her coat. :(

Casi was bred the beginning of January 2012 - for her first litter. I used Jackson - this is a line breeding on Bacardi. I'm expecting very nice, consistent puppies the beginning of March 2012! I'm very excited about this litter as Casi is a great dog! Very Pretty girl, solid temperment and structure and very easy to live with!

Casi had her first litter on March 6, 2012 - one day after her 5th birthday. This is the James Bond litter. These puppies (2 boys) are out of Jackson (GCH. Sarron Simply Complicated). Visit their litter page (Casi x Jackson) for more information on these boys.

Casi relocated to Alabama in June 2012 to live with Cathie Lang and try her "paw" at some performance work. Casi was a good girl, but the "mothering thing" just wasn't for her. Now she is spending her time with Cathie and keeping half-brother Sam, in line. I'm excited for what the future could hold for Cathie and Casi as a team!!

Congratulations to Cathie Lang and Casi for going out on Jan 25, 2013 and finishing Casis' Rally Novice (RN) title!! Great work ladies!!! That same weekend, Jan 26 - Casi picked up her first Beginners Novice leg with a 197 and 1st place! on Jan 27, 2013, Casi earned another 1st place leg in Beginners Novice! Only one more leg to go there! AWESOME WORK!!

Casi and Cathie have been busy in 2013 - picking up their Beginners Novice title and their Rally Advanced title in the fall of 2013. They finished up the year picking up their Companion Dog title!!! WOOHOO!!!! very proud of Cathie and Casi and all they ahve accomplished this year.

Casi and Cathie have been having fun with Barn Hunt in 2014. And, continuing to train in other areas as well. The best part are the walks in the park and lots of photos with flowers!!! Casi is doing very well!

Cathie and Casi earned their RAT-N in early 2015. What a fun time Casi is having. Casi also has "new little brother" to raise this year. Casi is going to be a busy girl. Casi can add RE to her name now and is 6/10 to her RAE as of Feb 2016. Casi has gotten used to her little brother and Casi, Sam and Ezra are all doing well.

Casi earned her RAE in March 2016 as well as her RAT-O in 2016. Casi and Cathie are a great team. Casi will now get to retire from Rally and help Cathie with rally instruction and hunt some rats on occassion -as she does LOVE Barn Hunt!!! What a great team! To round out 2016, Casi earned her Coursing Ability (CA) title at 9 years!! This girl is a lot of fun!

Casi and Cathie are heading into 2019 doing well. Casi will be 12 this year and is considering adding a baby brother to her pack.

Casi celebrated her 15th birthday on March 5, 2022. Casi and her sister Kaci are the last two of their litter alive. Casi has some health issues that Cathie Lang manages very well - but she still loves going out for a walk in the sun at the arboretum. Every day is a gift with this girl as well. 15 is an old Belgian Sheepdog.

Cathie said goodbye to Casi on July 12, 2022... from heart failure. Casi lived a good long life and enjoyed all her years. I owe a big debt of gratitude to Cathie for giving Casi soooo many good years after she left us. GodSpeed Casi... we'll see you again.