Mt Carmel Odin's Charmed Son  

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AKC-OHBIS,UKC-RBIS, UKC CH/AKC GCH Mt Carmel Odin's Charmed Son,
DoB: March 18, 15 - June 3, 22

CERF:IW-EYE164(17, 18, 19)
Epilepsy:Seizure Free
Sex:M/2 (neutered 9/20
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Vidarr is our Irish Wolfhound boy! He's the first IW for Sarron and is a great dog. Vidarr is 33" tall and 155 lbs at 1 year of age and is Wheaten and Brindle in color. He is a handsome boy and I look forward to showing him once he matures.

Vidarr was bred by Teresa Kuntz (Mt Carmel), Nadine Kerr (Bainbridge) and Lisa Osborne and is owned by Mike, myself and Teresa. We decided that Vidarr needed his own page on the website so that we can keep everyone updated on his progress!

Vidarr is maturing nicely. He's been entered in a few local shows over the last year - just to make sure that he remembers how he is supposed to act. :) I plan on taking him out in October 2016 to some local shows and if he does well... he may get to come out more regularly. His breeders keep reminding me that his sire was 3 years old before he really filled out... it so difficult to wait!!! Vidarr is a great boy and is doing well.

Vidarr is starting to mature the end of 2016. We went to 4 UKC shows in 2 days the beginning of November 2016 and Vidarr picked up 4 Best of Breeds, 3 Hound Group 1's and 1 Hound Group2 - along with 2 UKC Reserve Best in Shows to finish his UKC Championship in one weekend!! WOOO HOOO!!!!

Vidarr also came out in AKC and picked up a Major win in October 2016 and another Major win in November 2016 along with a few other minor points. At the end of November, Vidarr has 11 of the 15 points that he needs to become an AKC Champion - including both majors!!! We'll get those other 4 points in 2017.

Vidarr and I participated in a UKC show Feb 18, 2017 in Kentucky! Vidarr showed in one show picking up a breed win as well as a VERY NICE HOUND GROUP 2!! The Group 1 winner - went on to take BIS that day - so not a bad showing for this adolescent Wolfhound boy! Vidarr is beginning to fill out a bit and I look forward to having him out in AKC and UKC more in 2017!

Vidarr finished his AKC Championship in fine style November 2017 at the Columbus Ohio shows. He went Best of Breed over specials for his final 3 pts under judge Mrs. BettyAnn Stenmark. He also took OH BOB that day and wrapped up the day with his first OH Group 1 win!!! under judge Mr. VanDiver.

Vidarr went out June 16-17, 2018 for his first time out as a special ... and BOY , WAS IT SPECIAL!!! Vidarr went Best of Opposite Sex for a major toward his Grand Championship and Best Owner Handled Wolfhound on Saturday. Then, he took Owner Handled Hound Group 1!!! WOOO HOO!! We were excited to stay and compete for OH Best in Show!! Then, at the end of the day, Vidarr and I took Owner Handled BEST IN SHOW!!!! AMAZING!!! Vidarr showed well in the heat and hung in there for the whole day. On Sunday, Vidarr and I went back to the dog show and took a very repectable Select for another major toward his Grand Championship.

Vidarr went out for a couple of weekends in October 2018 and picked up several more points toward his Grand Championship as well as a very nice OH Hound Group 3 under respected Hound Breeder Mr. Robert Stein. Vidarr has 15 of the 25 points needed for his Grand Championship - and has all his majors and competition wins!!! He is coming along nicely. Good Boy Vidarr!

Vidarr picked up two of the five wins he needs for his UKC Grand Championship in February 2019. We are working to finish his UKC Grand in 2019. Vidarr finished up AKC Grand Championship in June 2019. He also had his heart and eyes re-certified in 2019. Vidarr is healthy and doing well in 2019.

Vidarr is doing well in 2020. He will 5 years old on March 18, 2020. He went to a UKC show in March and picked up two Reserve Champion placements. So we still need 3 more champion class wins to get his UKC GRAND CH. title. Hopefully, we'll get him out a few more times in 2020 to finish that title. Vidarr did end up 3# Irish Wolfhound overall for 2019 in UKC!! Very proud of that boy.

Vidarr was neutered the end of 2020 due to a growth around his rectum. He did well through the surgery and recoved nicely. He is doing well as of July 2021.

Vidarr was starting to exhibit some weakness in his right rear leg in April '22. We took him to the vet and she didn't feel any breaks, etc.. so we thought maybe he had injured himself out in the back yard. He responded well to rest and some meds, but was still showing some weakness in the right rear leg. On June 1st, he injured himself getting up in the morning for breakfast - not sure what occured, but he was not weight baring on his right rear leg when I gave him breakfast. He did eat his breakfast, so I gave him some meds and went to work. By lunch time that day, he was not doing better, so we loaded him up and took him to the ER Vet. They kept him and did xrays of his leg and hips. She didn't find any cancer or breaks - so she felt that he probably tore his ACL somehow and we brought him home. Our instructions were to give him a few days and get him to an orthopedic surgeon for evaluation and possibly surgery. Unfortunately, Vidarr did not do well once we got him home and stopped using his rear legs. We kept him comfortable but struggled to get him up to go outside or move around. We decided to let Vidarr go on June 3, 22 - since he could not walk and was going downhill quickly. Vidarr was a very good boy and we will miss his big presense in the house.