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Litter: Sarron Eagles Litter
Dam: Grand Champion Sarron Careless Whisper (Cara)
Sire: GCH, MACH, AKC/UKC/Int'l Ch. Elancer's Easy Does It, CDX, RA, MXB, MJB (Marcus)
DoB: June 11, 2013

The Cara x Marcus puppies were born Tuesday, June 11, 2013. The first puppy arrived at 1:50 am and the final puppy (puppy #9!) arrived at 6:43 am! There are 5 males and 4 females in this litter. Puppies will be ready to go to new homes Mid August 2013. This will be the "Eagles" litter with registered names reflected Eagles Song titles. :)

Cara is GCH. Sarron Careless Whisper and Marcus is AKC/UKC/Int'l CH. Elancer's Easy Does It, RA, CDX, MX, MXB, MXJ, MJB - Needs one more QQ for his MACH!!! These puppies are "Do it all" babies with exceptional structure and temperment.

Week 1 - June 16, 2013 This first week was a tough week as all the babies were brought into the world and started out down their little lives. The smallest boy, Green boy, who was 4th born and who struggled more than the others from the beginning just really didn't thrive. So, with direction from Cara, we put him to sleep on June 14th. It is very sad to put down a 4 day old puppy, but there are times that I just have to trust Mother Nature. :( The good part is, the rest of the puppies - 4 girls and 4 boys are all doing well!

This first week we had the first "jail break" - two puppies ALREADY climbed out of the box on Saturday June 15tH! I had to put the first puppy gate up in the box. I've NEVER had babies crawl out of the box so early. The whole crew can smell their momma as soon as she gets in the box with them or moves around and they move right to her! Cara is being a WONDERFUL mother! She is very careful and attentive - especially for a first time mother. She keeps the babies spotless and the whelping box is always clean. These first couple of weeks (after they are born that is) is about the easiest for me as the mother dog takes care of everything! I go down several times a day and spend time in the box, and hold and pet the babies so that they know my scent too. And feel very comfortable with me in there with them. We also had dew claws taken off this week. All puppies had front dew claws and yellow boy had both front and rear.

Week 2 - June 23, 2013 The babies are doing great! This week, they began to push themselves up a bit and toddle around the box. They still primarily drag themselves around when they smell their mom and to cuddle up with each other to sleep. All the puppies gained at least 10 oz this week – which for a litter of 8 is really good. White and Yellow are the big boys, both weighing 1# 12 oz. Blue and Orange are right behind them at 1# 11 oz and red is the big girl at 1# 10 oz, with the other girls, Pink, Aqua and Purple all at 1# 9 oz. They are all fairly close in size, no runts in this litter.  I had hoped their eyes would be open by June 23rd, but these babies are in no rush.

Actually, none of them are even starting to open their eyes yet. They are a very content bunch and with such an attentive mother as Cara, Life is pretty easy…even with all those siblings. We have quite a few Registered names chosen, those include: Take It Easy Witchy Woman Waiting in the Weeds Midnight Flyer Peaceful Easy Feeling All Night Long This coming week will be a big one as the babies do open their eyes, start to get their ears open and next weekend, we even plan to start introducing some solid food!!! Enjoy the photos.

Week 3 – June 30, 2013 This week has been very fun! The babies now have their eyes open and can recognize me and Cara, they are just adorable!!! They have been pushing themselves up more and more and now I am putting them on newspaper a bit to eat, so they are getting used to a different surface. They all now push themselves up to walk around on the sheepskin and do very well. They do toddle some still, but are now also starting to growl at each other a bit and play hop around the box. About the middle of the week, I had to go to the 2/3 door panel, as red girl had managed to push herself over the 1/3 door panel. She screamed loudly enough that I ran downstairs to see her pushing around on the tile outside of the box.  She was very upset, but once I put her back with her siblings, she settled down.

This weekend, I started giving them a plate a milk to drink from. Cara is doing great, being very attentive, but there are 8 of them. So, I will start to supplement their feedings a couple times a day too. The very first time, they sniffed it as much as they licked the milk…but after a couple of opportunities to practice, they have the licking concept down well.  I put the milk down for them in the “extra yard” that is now attached to the whelping box when I clean out their box, and then once I’m done, they typically are too and are ready to get back in their fresh, clean box. They are all getting nice thick coats and maybe by next week, I can actually get profile photos of them. Their weights are: Aqua – 2#5oz, Pink – 2# 5oz, Red – 2# 8 oz, Purple – 2# 6 oz, Orange – 2# 9 oz, White – 2# 10oz, Yellow - 2# 12 oz, Blue – 2# 9 oz.

They went outside this afternoon for a little while to try and get some better photos and to let them be on grass for the first time. Cara was not too happy about the adventure, but the babies did well! They whined,were stressed a bit, and took a big nap once back in the AC! Enjoy the photos this week!

Week 4 – July 7, 2013 OH MY GOODNESS!!! What a week this has been!! These babies now all have their eyes and ears open, they are eating gruel a couple times a day and are growing SOOO much!! Cara is still with the puppies all of the time, but this week I started supplementing them a bit too. I’m feeding two times a day – replacement milk and baby rice cereal with warm water in a shallow pan. At first they would leave some of the mix, but by today, they have cleaned their pan both feedings.  Growing puppies!!!! You’ll be surprised at the weights this week: White – 4#, Blue – 4# 1oz, Orange – 3# 11 oz, Yellow – 4# 5 oz, Red – 3#, 10 oz, Pink – 3# 6 oz, Purple – 3# 7 oz and Aqua – 3# 10 oz. Amazing how fast they are growing….

We had a bunch of visitors on Saturday, and all the puppies were passed around and held quite a bit. There was a lot going on and all of the babies took it in stride. All adults this past weekend for visitors, but don’t fear; I have some children lined up for the coming weeks to socialize with the litter as well. Since they now can all see and hear, they are interacting more with each other and some toys. I’ve even had to submit several of them already as they learn to growl and be big dogs! I do submit them this young – as I always want them to defer to their human. Play fighting, growling, barking at their littermates is how they learn pack interaction and how to be dogs, but I will roll them on their backs and stare at them until they look away now so they always understand that their human is the pack leader.

They are getting their nails trimmed weekly and starting to have litter teeth buds come through… after this week, I’ll start to add pulverized dog food to their gruel as well. But, still this week – it’s replacement milk powder and baby rice with water. Today was their first time on the grooming table to practice their stacking photos… they were not impressed. LOL Only one or two cooperated…they will get better though as they get more experience. It’s been raining for days here but we did get a bit of a reprieve this afternoon, so I took a bunch (like 560!) photos. I’m sharing the best ones with you folks! Enjoy the photos!!!

Week 5 - July 14, 2013 This week the babies all have their full sets of razor sharp puppy teeth in….Poor Cara  She really wants to nurse them still, but ends up arching her back while standing because they are just little piranhas! So, we started really working to wean them a bit this week by adding ground up puppy kibble into their gruel. They were not terribly excited at first, but have really warmed up to the kibble concept this week. Cara is still with them downstairs during the day, but only spends short periods of time in the box with them. She prefers when they are out of the box and she can sit on the couch over them and keep watch… as they are unable to climb that high yet. She is still being a great mom and cleaning up after them if I don’t pick up immediately.

The babies are being weaned onto Blue Buffalo Puppy Formula, Chicken and Brown Rice. You can buy it at PetSmart, Tractor Supply, etc… Please plan to pick up a big bag of this food prior to the puppy pick up. Even if you decide to switch to a different puppy kibble, they need to start on this one and wean over to the other food. If you have any questions about kibble, let me know. The babies are growing like weeds again.. the boy are all right around 6# this week and the girls are all right around 5 # - so they are doing great!

The babies switched out to kitten collars this week instead of ribbon. This will help them to get used to having a real collar on. It’s a little more difficult to tell who is who in the photos, but we’ll work through it. They are rough housing much more this week…which Cara keeps a close watch over. If any of them get a bit too dominate, she will gently nudge that puppy over. This was their second week on the grooming table for photos and they are getting better. They still haven’t had a ton of time outside though = as it’s been raining or been HOT here… hopefully our weather starts to cooperate a bit more in the coming weeks.

The babies will be getting their first 6 week puppy vaccination next week – July 22nd. They will receive their first “real” vaccination at 8 weeks, on August the 5th. Everyone needs to go in and see the vet during the first week that you have the babies, and I suggest a follow up DHLPP at 11 and 14 weeks of age with their rabies between 4-6 months. If you live in an area where Lyme disease is prevalent, please speak with your vet about that vaccination as well and I do suggest Bordatella vaccine for puppies at their 11 or 14 week visit. Call ahead and get these appointments set up . I do highly recommend that all puppies attend puppy kindergarten - but don’t start until after you baby has their 14 week DHLPP. During that time before you take them out around other dogs – you can take them to friends’ homes who have healthy vaccinated dogs. Please DO NOT take the puppies to public dog places, like dog class, the pet/feed store, dog parks, etc… anyplace that other dogs, who may not be healthy or vaccinated could frequent. It’s not worth the risk of your puppy getting parvo… keep them away from those types of places until after they complete their entire series of DHLPPs.

Week 6 – July 21, 2013 The babies are growing by leaps and bounds this week!! They are totally eating solid puppy food now, I just put some of the puppy food in a bowl and put hot water on it and let it soak in and then give it to them and the gobble it up. They eat about ½ cup of food 3-4 times a day right now. The weights are Boys: White – 7# 10 oz, Yellow – 7# 12 oz, Blue – 8#, Orange – 7# 8 oz. Girls: Red – 6# 14 oz, Aqua – 6# 6 oz, Pink – 6# 4 oz, Purple – 6# 8 oz. You will not be able to tell from the photos, but Yellow “looks” like the biggest boy because of all of his coat, but Blue is really the heaviest! Yellow and Orange have longer, fuller coats while White and Blue have shorter, straight coats.With the girls, Aqua has the long full coat, while red, purple and pink have the shorter, straighter coats.

We had visitors this week too! We had a 2 ½ year old sweet little girl and a 6 year old well-mannered boy come over to play with the babies, along with a host of adults. All the puppies took the “little people” in stride and did well. We also FINALLY had our heat wave end, so the babies spent Sunday afternoon outside. The photos from today are kind of slobbery…so I apologize for that. But, it was good for the babies to get outside and on the grass.

For those of you who are interested, I would like to recommend a good book to read before your new Sarron Baby arrives. It’s titled “How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With” by Clarice Rutherford and David Neil. It’s a paperback, easy read and Amazon will deliver it in 2 business days! It’s covers the different developmental stages that your pup will go through and does a very nice job of addressing the a lot of the basics, like encouraging bite inhibition, the importance of socialization, Crate training, house training, basic puppy tricks and training, etc… I would suggest that you pick up a copy of the book – even if you’ve raised 25 puppies over the year! I found it a good refresher and foundation.

The next few weeks are going to go by quickly, so If you have any questions or concerns BEFORE your new baby comes home, please email or call me. Let’s get things worked out ahead of time. Enjoy the photos!!!

Week 7 - July 28, 2013 This week has flown past with the babies!!! This week they got their first puppy shot. I gave a DA2PP – no Lepto at this age. They will get another from me at 8 weeks before they are picked up at 9 weeks. Please call you vet and set up an appointment to get your puppy in within 3 business days from when you pick the baby up. I require that you do get the puppy checked out within that first week for your benefit. It’s best to get your new puppy established with your vet immediately and it’s good because this first trip to the vet should not result in any “shots” for the puppy. This trip should just for a health checkup – no vaccines - so it’s all positive for the baby.

Also, this week, actually today, the pups went for their first car ride. They were unimpressed, much crying, drooling…and one pup threw up. Nothing else though, so for the first 30 minute ride, not too bad. We will continue to get them out in the car so that hopefully when you pick up the puppy, car sickness isn’t too bad. The babies are eating three times a day, at 5 am, noon and 6 pm. They are eating between ½ -3/4 cup at each feeding and they are still on the Blue Buffalo puppy food with warm water on it to soften it up. They have a variety of food and water bowls, ceramic, plastic and metal. Just so they are used to all types. I strongly suggest metal food and water bowls that you just run through your dishwasher daily.

These babies are ROBUST chewers! So, make sure that you have plenty of toys, soft plush, hard bones, squeaky toys – you will need those to divert the babies from chewing on your fingers, clothes, exposed skin…etc  I am not a rawhide fan - unless its’ compressed rawhide. Also, be very conscious to make sure that ALL of your treats, bones, or anything else that you give the puppy is “Made in the USA” or “Made in Canada”. Please do not give the puppy treats, bones, toys that are ‘made in China”.

We had a visit this weekend from Susi and Vic from Michigan, it was great to meet them and for them to meet all our dogs as well as the babies! Today, they were able to spend the WHOLE day outside in their expen.  Wonderful weather today, and yesterday afternoon, after a very damp start to Saturday morning. This weekend seems to have just flown by… and I just realized, I forgot to weigh the babies today.  I’ll do that tomorrow and update their charts.Lots of photos to enjoy!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Week 8 – Aug 4, 2013 WOW!!! What a busy week the babies have had. This past weekend, we had good friends and fellow dog breeders, Dana and Cathy, come over to meet the pups. These babies really have never met a stranger. As far as they are concerned, every human is their friend and they will jump up at every person they meet. These puppies are confident, sweet and loving. They are inquisitive and not afraid to explore once they get used to their surroundings.

On Sunday, we had 5 more good friends over to meet and play with the puppies. These babies, again, proved they are all confident with every person they meet. This week, I’ve been leaving dry food in their pen with them all the time. I still offering moisten Blue Buffalo puppy 3 times a day, but in smaller amounts. The puppies are doing very well crunching the dry. This will be easier for all of you once they are home.

The puppies go to the vet tomorrow for their first real exam. They will each get their first “real” vaccination and will each get implanted with a microchip for permanent identification. I will provide each of you with the registration form for the microchip and you will need to register in with a registry. That way, if the puppy is every lost or disconnected from you somehow, the microchip would allow the pup to be reunited if the microchip is registered. This is VERY important that you follow up on this and complete this as soon as possible. The puppies will get wormed again tomorrow; I do this weekly during their lives with me.

Last week, we took them out on a couple of drives again, just to try and work through the car sickness…they still are not impressed with our short trips – but getting better. When each puppy leaves us, they will go home with what I call their “stinky toy”… believe me, it WILL be stinky… you will not really want to take it. But, you will. And you will leave it in the crate with the new puppy as you go home. This stinky toy will provide a bit of comfort to the puppy as he/she goes away to their new homes…away from the brothers and sisters they have known. Let them have it for about a week before you wash it. Then just let them have it back as one of their many toys.

I am working on contracts and will have those out to everyone in a day or so for review. If you have any questions about the contract, please feel free to email or call me. If there are concerns, please share them with me and we’ll work through them. The big days are drawing near and I’m excited to finally meet those of you that we’ve not yet met.  This litter of babies has consumed our lives for the last 8 weeks. It’s hard to do this right!!! LOL But, I am very pleased to have a great group of new owners (and ‘again” owners) to welcome into the Sarron Family! After this week – you folks will be providing ME with updates!!!!  Take care and see you soon

Week 9 - Aug 9-11, 2013 The babies headed off to their new homes this weekend. First, Aqua girl went to a show home in Illinois. Her name is Dani. Then Yellow Boy went with Zin and Mary Stephens down to Cincinnati, as a show/performance puppy, he is Logan. Then, on Saturday, Orange boy headed up to a show/performance home in Michigan. He is now known as Keter. On Sunday, Blue boy left for a farm in Canada. He is now known as Diesel. Then, Pink girl headed up to a companion home in Michigan. She is now called Spirit. White boy headed to the east coast to finish out vacation with his family, before he settles in with his new home in Pennsylvania. He is Jetty. Last, but not least, to leave the nest was Purple girl, who is now in North Carolina with Lee ( from the Rumor * Jory litter) and Mason (from the Bacardi * Chopper litter). She is now known as Shelby!

I am so pleased with all the puppies and homes in this litter! Can't wait to watch them all grow up and hear about all the wonderful things they will do!

CERF:BSD-EYE71/60F-VPI (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16), Pannus 2018
Epilepsy:Seizure Free
Spayed Jan 2018, Panuus 2018
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DNA link
Epilepsy:Seizure Free
OFA link
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Puppies Health Table
Sarron Eagles Litter litter - Born: June 11, 2013 -
Grand Champion Sarron Careless Whisper x GCH, MACH, AKC/UKC/Int'l Ch. Elancer's Easy Does It CDX, RA, MXB, MJB
NameSexHipsElbowsEyesCHICLinksDentition / BiteThyroidOther Information
Sarron Midnight FlyerM/2BSD-424G27M-VPIBSD-EL1913M27-VPIOFAFull CGC Neutered
Sarron Waiting in the WeedsM/2Full Died - Hit By Car- June '14
Sarron Take it EasyM/2BSD-4238E25M-VPIBSD-EL1908M25-VPIBSD-EYE377/40M-PI(16, 18, 19)117051OFA

BSD-DE37/77M-VPIGroup Placing, GCH. CDX, RA, MX, MXB, MXJ, MJB Neutered Nov2019 BSD-ACA40/76M-PI
Sarron Busy Being FabulousM/2BSD-4266G31M-VPIBSD-EL1931M31-VPIBSD-EYE2777/25M-VPI110969OFA

Full, ScissorGroup Placing, CH. ORT, NW1 Neutered BSD-CA1118/25M/C-VPI
Green BoyM Died at 3 weeks
Sarron Peaceful, Easy FeelingFBSD-4259G29F-VPIBSD-EL1924F29-VPIBSD-EYE890/125F-VPI189960OFAFull Spayed
Sarron Witchy Woman
FBSD-4230G24F-VPIBSD-EL1901F24-VPIBSD-EYE149/8F-VPI (14, 15, 16, 17, 18)106776OFA

BSD-DE7/24F-VPI (Full)OH-BIS, Group Placing CH. BSD-DE7/24F-VPI (Dentition) BSD-CA119/26F/C-VPI
Sarron New Kid in TownFFull Spayed
Sarron Dancin All Night LongFBSD-4250E27F-VPIBSD-EL1933F30-PINormal - not submittedOFAFull. ScissorGroup Placing, GCHB. Euth June 23, 23 - Malignant Melanoma Tumor in back of mouth