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Jackson has a GREAT October!

2012/10/29 12:00:00 AM

Jackson (GCH.Sarron Simply Complicated) was entered in 6 dog shows in October and came home with 5 Best of Breed wins and 1 Select dog win! To top this off, he also earned 5 Herding Group placement (2- 2's, 2-3's, 1-4) and 2 Owner Handler Herding Group 1's during October!! So far, he has 88 of the 150 points that he needs to earn his BSCA Show Dog Hall of Fame Award, and 75 points of the 100 he needs to earn his Silver GCH title!! He also finished up the 2012 show year as the #11 dog - ALL BREEDS - in Owner Handler shows!!! YEAH Jackson!!!!!